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About the company

For most of us, buying a property is one of the largest investments we will make in our lives. So it is important to make the right decisions. AUSA Finance & Investment specialises in making the right mortgage decisions for you.

AUSA Finance & Investment Pty Ltd (AUSA) was founded on the 10th of July 2001. It is an Australian financial service company, with its head office located in the Sydney CBD. Only a five-minute walk from central station and a fifteen-minute walk from the famous Sydney Opera House, the AUSA team of professionals are waiting to meet your financial needs.

From the moment AUSA first emerged, it was the company’s main objective to be the most creative Finance and Investment Company in Australia. After four years of rapid development, especially during the last two years, AUSA now focuses on servicing professionals and real estate investors with its unique tailor-made mortgage solutions. AUSA strives to achieve its company vision of “Leading professionals to millionaires”.

AUSA is distinguished from other finance companies by not only providing the most suitable financial products, but also providing advanced financial theories. That is because the founder of AUSA and its executive management has a common belief that there is no room for error when making major decisions, and the financial decisions made in ones lifetime can greatly affect their life in a positive or negative way. AUSA's tailor-made mortgage solutions ensure that the decisions you make affect your life in a positive way and not a negative one. On the bases of thorough study of the Australian financial and property markets, AUSA analyses each customer's particular circumstances and goals, and carefully chooses a tailor-made mortgage solution based on all the products from the Australian financial market.

As the name of the company suggests, AUSA's major funds are from Australian (AUS) and American (USA) banks and funds. Meanwhile, AUSA also provides products from CITIBANK based in the US and HBOS based in Britain. Being an important and major member of The Australia Financial Investments Group (AFIG – Now acquired by GE Money), AUSA supplies products from more than forty banks and funds around Australia.

AUSA Finance & Investment is a very determined and devoted team of professionals who aim to meet their customer’s financial needs and goals. Dedicated to providing their customers with exceptional service, AUSA staff will continue to perform above and beyond the call of duty, with their common vision driving them forward. Leading professionals to millionaires.

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The AUSA Group

The AUSA group consists of the partnership between AUSA Finance & Investment, AUSA Migration & Education and AUSA Travel. The AUSA Group is a powerful partnership of professionals providing high performance service to all of its customers.

AUSA Migration & Education is a registered migration agent, which provides services for our customers or potential customers in the following areas: business migration, investment migration, and education.

AUSA Travel is a comprehensive travel agency, offering a wide range of tourist products and services. They have a contingent of interpreters and tourist guides with special training, who are capable of meeting market needs and requirements and are now one of the leading tour operators providing travel itinerary, ticketing, accommodation, and transportation services.

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AUSA Customers

AUSA has thousands of customers and most of them have been studying and working in Australia for many years. They work as professionals, earning good incomes and owning a wealth of assets. Some of them are professional property investors, almost half of our customers have professional qualifications, and over 20 of our customers have a Ph.D. More than ten of our customers are doctors or dentists whom own more than seven properties. One of our customers is the proud owner of 22 properties, and the AUSA team is always here to assist and advise each and every one of our customers with all their financial decisions.

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AUSA Partners

As the size of the development loans grow, the number of developer customers is increasing. AUSA is a major member of AFG, which is the biggest mortgage broker in Australia. AUSA are also business partners with the Asia-Pacific department of HBOS. HBOS is the second largest financial institution in Europe and it is number one in development loans in Australia. So AUSA has close ties with some of the major player's in the finance industry. AUSA Finance and Investment are also close partners with AUSA Migration and AUSTAR Realty. These organisations together form the AUSA Group. Which aims to provide effective and efficient service to its customers all year long.

AUSA Finance & Investment are also long-term partners with GCR Developments. GCR is a Sydney-based property developer and consulting company, providing property development projects, procedure application, and design and construction management services. GCR has been cooperated with several overseas investors. The company has also successfully completed some development projects in Sydney. The investors received ideal returns and immigrated successfully. GCR is developing a Fifteen million dollar (AUD) residential property project. Eleven million dollars was funded by development loans arranged by the AUSA development loan department.

AUSA will continue to create value for their customers and provide them with high standard, high performance service. AUSA also looks forward to forming relationships with overseas financial institutions, property investors, and developers, and further expanding the business by forming valuable partnerships. If you are someone starting your own business, or if you are thinking of expanding, a partnership with AUSA will be an excellent career move for you and your company.

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Developments and Achievements

AUSA has achieved great things as a company since it was founded in 2001. During the first two years of its development AUSA didn’t rush to increase its market share but rather AUSA staff studied the Australian financial and real estate markets to come to the conclusion that finance and property are the two largest opportunity markets in Australia.

There is a 200 Billion dollar market scale in home loans alone. AUSA saw this gold mine of opportunities and decided that it would enter the finance and investment markets by specialising in home loans, and then expanding into property development and the investment loans market. When the conditions are desirable, AUSA will start conducting business in the property investment and development industry.

It is clear that a good strategy requires proper tactics. After two years of extensive studies and practices, AUSA found that although the home loan market is very competitive, most companies and banks provide a wide range of simplistic products rather than specialising in a certain area. There are few companies that provide specialised services; AUSA is one of these few companies.

AUSA specialises in providing tailor-made mortgage solutions and many customers have supported this creative financial service. Over the last two years of rapid development, AUSA has grown into a large professional financial institution that has a mortgage portfolio of more than A$200 million per annum. In 2005, AUSA formed strong ties with HBOS, which is the second largest finance group in Europe. Being its major commercial loan partner in the Asia-Pacific Region, AUSA provides the development loans for the Asia-Pacific customers. Moreover, AUSA provides a vertical line service from project choice, loan solution, market promotion, to buyer mortgage.

In order to provide more valuable services to AUSA’s customers, AUSA set up the property investment department. Based on thorough studies on the property market, Whether you are a professional who wants to invest in property or you are a developer, AUSA can provide you with professional suggestions and solutions and introduce you to great investment projects.

Our young company has achieved so much in such a short time and AUSA will continue to develop and provide advanced financial ideas and competitive financial products to our customers. We look forward to the future and aim to further develop AUSA into being one of the largest and most creative finance and investment groups while continuing to provide unmatched value to our customers.

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