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Why use an AUSA Home Loans Consultant?

Your AUSA Home Loans Consultant is a fully accredited home loans proffesional that offers you specialised advice and assistance to help you choose the right home loan for your specific needs. Your AUSA Home Loans Consultant will even come to you, to help you find the right solution for your individual situation.

Best of all our service wont cost you anything.

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What can we offer you?

The professional AUSA team can provide you with many attractive home loan solutions. We can offer you the lowest interest rates from the largest banks. We can save you the time and trouble of going through the entire process of getting a home loan. Our professional staff can make informed decisions for you to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

We have access to loan products from 40 different lenders, which gives us access to a myriad of different loan products to meet your individual needs. We can offer you loans with added functional facilities and the lowest interest rates of up to 0.72% discount off the standard variable rate. It doesnít matter what your loan amount is, we can find the product thatís right for you. This is what sets AUSA apart from other companies, we donít restrict your loan amount and we donít have the many annoying conditions that other companies have.

We provide tailor-made home loan solutions and life term home finance services to meet your needs now and in the future.

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How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment online, by phone, fax, mail or even in person:

  • ONLINE: Just fill out the Online Loan Enquiry Form.

  • PHONE: You can call our FREE Loan Enquiry Hotline on: 1800 608 528 and talk to one of our friendly staff.

  • EMAIL: Alternatively you can download the Loan Enquiry Form, fill it out, then email it to us at:

  • FAX: Print out our Loan Enquiry Form, fill it out and fax it to us on: (612) 9211 8379

  • IN PERSON: Visit us at our Sydney Head Office: Suite 309 / 451 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

  • MAIL: Or print out our Loan Enquiry Form, fill it out and mail it to us at:

    AUSA Finance & Investment
    Suite 309 / 451 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

An AUSA Home Loans Consultant will then contact you to arrange an appointment.

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What happens during my appointment?

During your appointment your AUSA Home Loans Consultant will take you through every step of the home loan process. Your Consultant will firstly listen to your home loan needs and outline all of your options; discussing how much you can borrow, determining your repayments, and finding out how much you can save.

Your Consultant will then do a comparison between different loans to help find a loan that best suits you. Once you have decided on a loan your AUSA Home Loans consultant will take you through the loan application process and also organise all the paperwork for you.

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What happens after my appointment?

By this stage you would have decided on the loan that is best for you. The next step is to fill out your Loan Application form and get your loan approved by the lender. Of course your AUSA Home Loans Consultant will help you with this.

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What information do I need?

All the information required from you is outlined in the Document Checklist Please have this information ready for your AUSA Home Loans Consultant.

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What happens next?

  1. Once we complete your Loan Application it will be forwarded to your lender. The lender will review your application and your AUSA Home Loans Consultant will call you to tell you the result. When your loan has been approved you will recieve written confirmation from the lender.

  2. The lender will then talk to your legal representative to organise a Loan Contract. We reccommend that you talk to your legal representative before signing your Loan Contract.

  3. Your signed Loan Contract will be returned to your lender.

  4. When all parties agree that the documents are in order the lender will proceed with the settlement of your loan. Once your loan has been settled you will recieve written confirmation.

  5. Of course your AUSA Home Loans Consultant will be there to help you through this whole process.

Make a free no-obligation appointment now!

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