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AUSA Finance & Investment recieves Gold Membership Award from AFG

AUSA Finance & Investment Pty Ltd has achieved the Gold Membership Award from the Australian Finance Group (AFG) due to outstanding performance over the last financial year.

AFG is ranked as Australia’s number one wholesaler of mortgage finance and is amongst the top five wholesalers of mortgage finance in the world. The award is a highly prestigious award given by AFG and the Mortgage Industry in Australia. The Gold Membership Award was presented by the State Manager Vicki Brown from AFG at our office today. (10.11.2005)

AUSA lodge premium loan products, which give an impressive 0.72% discount off the Standard Variable rate (SVR).

AUSA Finance & Investment (AUSA) now provides a range of exceptional products for its valuable customers. These new products are based on financial theories widely and successfully used in the US. The basic principal is that the interest rate is determined by the risk of the loan rather than by the loan amount or facility. A theory new to the Australian home loan market. That means that no matter how small the loan amount is, the desirable hot discount rate still applies.

The Professional Premium Variable is a hot product now. Customers can get a huge 0.72% discount off the Standard Variable Rate (SVR) for as many years as they want. Based on the current SVR 7.32%, after discount the interest rate is only 6.60%. This product has as many facilities as you want! Internet Banking, Phone Banking, Salary Direct Transfer, Offset Account and more. Most importantly, no matter how much you borrow, you can receive this great offer!

AUSA Finance & Investment achieved second place in March 2005 in The Australian Financial Investments Group.

In March 2005, AUSA Finance & Investment’s Home Loan Department lodged a loan amount of up to $27,612,518 that ranked the company as the second largest member in AFIG who is one of the largest mortgage organizations within Australia.

Agreement of loan amount over A$10 million has been signed on the 8th of April 2005.

The developer has signed the development loan agreement with a loan amount of A$10,170,000. The loan will be funding a property development project of 51 apartments in Liverpool Town Centre. AUSA Development Loan Department helped the developer obtain the best development loan interest rate. The loan processing was very efficient as well: it only took 4 weeks from the application being lodged to the agreement being signed. The developer was very satisfied with AUSA and proposed to become a strategic business partner with AUSA.

AUSA’s new service is warmly welcomed.

AUSA Finance & Investment Property Investment Department launched a new service in March 2005. AUSA now not only study’s the Australian property market, but also takes the time and effort to select the best property for their individual clients needs and requirements. AUSA has already had great success with their new service and clients warmly welcome this helpful hand. In only the first month after launching this new service, two happy clients bought two new properties. One owner occupied property and one investment property. AUSA helped the clients get great price discounts from $6,000 to $30,000 from the developer and real estate agents. These customers were very satisfied with their purchases and the helpful assistance they received from AUSA.